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mobile media taxi advertisingThe average taxi is on the road 20 hours per day.

The average taxi is seen by 207 people per hour.

149,100 exposures per month is why taxi advertising gets results. (D.E.C. 2,100)

Mobile advertising has turned into a $3.64 billion global industry, because it can provide the most cost effective exposure for your business or product. Taxi adverting is utilized by companies ranging from local restaurants and law firms to entertainment venues and website providers. The Airline, Cruise, and automobile industries and advertising giants like A.T. & T. regularly use taxi advertising, shouldn’t you?

how taxi Advertising Works

  • Taxi advertising cuts across all demographics, it is very effective in reaching commuters and pedestrians with higher incomes, higher education and high presence of children. **
  • Taxi advertising reaches those who are less likely to see newspaper advertising (those spending more time driving/commuting) **
  • Taxi Advertising is a “Reach medium” -“Consumers who are reached repeatedly with a message show higher advertiser awareness, brand recall and purchase behavior.” **
  • Constant message delivery – Taxi advertising exposes your business to potential customers all day, everyday.
  • Geographic saturation – Taxi advertising can blanket a geography, keeping your business “top of mind” in your metro area.
  • Mobile taxi ads can take your message into areas that restrict other outdoor advertising
  • Mobile advertising reaches pedestrians & motorists on side streets, at airports, on highways, downtown, at conventions – wherever there is a high concentration of people.

** The Arbitron Outdoor Study© 2001 Arbitron Inc

Cost Effective Solutions

taxi sideCompared to TV, radio and newspapers, outdoor advertising reaches the largest number of people for the lowest cost. Statistics show mobile outdoor advertising can be up to 4 times more effective then static bill boards.

Florida Markets

Jacksonville, Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete, Ft. Myers, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Kissimmee, Lakeland, Daytona Beach, Melbourne and the Space Coast, Ft. Pierce and the Treasure Coast, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.

Display Format

  • Triangular illuminated rooftop signs offering 360 degree visibility, panel size 14”x44”
  • Sedan rear windows size 24”x60” and Van side windows size 24”x85”
  • Trunk signs, panel size 16”x44”

Customer Relations

We value your business and are committed to personal service excellence, and offer 100% accountability for your ads via our own database program which tracks each ad, by cab company fleet number and ad placement. In addition we photo document every ad we install.

What We Provide

Mobile Media Advertising is a one stop solution.

  • Coverage - Mobil Media Advertising provides the largest geographic coverage in Florida and we’re expanding daily into new markets.
  • Speed - We make it simple for you to get your ads on the street… fast. Your message can be blanketing your target market within 14 days.
  • Simplicity - You can provide artwork or we will help you to develop a powerful, effective message, as well as provide sign design and layout.
Taxi Ads Work - Mobile Media

How to Get Started

Call us now and our sales staff will assist in securing space for your target markets.