Exposure packages
by monthly contract
Suited to your specific business requirements

Number of Ads
Metro Mini
1 to 15
Metro Intro
15 to 25
Metro Blast
25 to 50
Metro Saturation
75 to 150
Florida Blast
150 to 500+
50 or more ads in every Fla market

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Total Full Service
From art work to printing and ad installation our talented staff will make your company's message look it's absolute best, our reputation depends on it. We use only the finest print vinyls and every ad is scrunitized for any flaws before and after installation. We have to be dillegent afterall we photograph every ad on every cab. Ongoing routine sign maintenance insures your ads will look great thru their contracted run.

Ad Placement

With over 30 independent cab company's under contract we can selectively target market your ads to any demographic parameter including rotating ads into other markets and moving them from illuminated rooftop to van sides or rear windows to maximize impact.

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Mobile Media Advertising Info

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